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About Shari Mattingly-Bevan

1 Feb

Financial planner Shari Mattingly-Bevan possesses over 15 years of experience helping families and individuals prepare for retirement and long-term care and protect their assets via risk management. She currently serves as the founder of and a Planner for Shari Mattingly-Bevan & Associates of Greenville, South Carolina.

Prior to launching her career in financial planning, Mrs. Mattingly-Bevan earned her Juris Doctor from Western State University College of Law, where she studied taxation, and shortly afterwards joined the American Bar Association and the California Bar Association. She founded the Law Offices of Shari Mattingly-Bevan of Santa Ana, California, where her practice focused on trusts and estates for approximately 10 years. During this time, she worked closely with her clients’ financial advisors to implement effective fiscal strategies. Currently a licensed California attorney, she holds certification to sell insurance in California, Arizona, and South Carolina, and she is a candidate for her Certified Financial Planner designation issued by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Mrs. Mattingly-Bevan continues to work closely with several leading local and regional estate-planning attorneys to offer her clients the best services possible.

Mrs. Mattingly-Bevan’s breadth of experience and depth of knowledge are what separates her from other professionals in the field. As a result, accountants, financial planners, and enrolled agents have all invited her to speak on the subjects of risk management and long-term care before meetings and seminars. For more information on her background and to sign up for the Shari Mattingly-Bevan & Associates newsletter, log onto http://www.shari-mattingly-bevan.com. Outside of her work, Mrs. Mattingly-Bevan participates actively in her community, contributing her time and resources to such nonprofits as the Birthright of Greenville, the Meyer Center for Special Children, and Brookwood Church.